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New contributors

With a week to go, we’re still adding to the line up for Monarchy on Trial.  Our latest additions are poets Charlotte Dingle and Barry Fentiman; while Sharon Richards will be speaking about a post-colonial perspective on the British monarchy.  We’re still looking for that guillotine, though…

One of the good things about organising this, our third event, is that more people are finding the confidence to take part as speakers and performers.  We’re always open to contributions provided they fit the theme – if you have an idea, approach us, talk about it, and we’ll try to fit you in.  And so, for future reference, our planned themes for forthcoming On Trial events are:

August, SPORT ON TRIAL, which may or may not have something to do with the Olympics.

October, MEDIA ON TRIAL, in the wake of the Leveson Inquiry.

Two weeks till Monarchy goes On Trial

The time approaches!  Only two weeks now, till Monarchy On Trial.  Confirmed so far, we have music from Abigail Ziering-Dalmedo, comedy from CO Jones, Philip Kane speaking on “The Necessity of Regicide”, and the Balloon Debate (no idea what that is?  Come along and find out!); plus, of course, the ever-popular speed debating.  There’s more to be confirmed, including further speakers, more comedy, and some poetry.  Watch this space!

Fashion On Trial is almost upon us

Well, just about everything that could go wrong HAS gone wrong, including a total loss of broadband connection over the Easter weekend, so many apologies to anyone who has been checking here for details of the programme!  However, now we seem to be back on track.

FASHION ON TRIAL is all set for Thursday 19th April.  We’ll be at the Good Intent, John Street, Rochester, from 8pm.  Yes, come and join us in the middle of London Alternative Fashion Week, for an evening of discussion and entertainment on the theme of…you guessed it…fashion.  We’ll be talking about clothes, brands and nudity; plus there’s comedy, music and poetry.  Including, of course, the ever popular speed debating.  And it’s free!

We’ll be hearing from Marta Patlewicz and Abigail Ziering-Dalmedo about the downside of the fashion industry.  Kevin Elam makes the case for nudity.  Abigail will also be contributing on the musical side.  There will be stand-up comedy from CO Jones and Mat Wills.  Best of all, we hope, there will be YOU!

The Love On Trial Evening

For the Phil and Kevin, and the others involved in setting up Medway Mutiny, this was a trip into the unknown. None of us had ever put on anything like this… Plus the fact that we had no idea how the event would be received. For those who attended it became something none had experienced before. Everyone felt positive about the event… Mutiny is here

What is love? The key question couched on the night. It was also the first question posed for the radical ‘Speed Debate’. Three minutes to discuss this, and another nine such conundrums. Gamely, everyone pitched in and tried their best to fathom answers. Some opened into vast steppes on impossible understanding while others took a fraction of the time.

The Speed Debate signalled a real departure from the usual humdrum political meeting. There were no ‘experts’ to tell the gathered what was what and how they ought to think; everyone could express an opinion and that opinion had as much validity as the next person.

In between the politics and lively debate begun in Speed Debating (Tony Praill and Kevin Elam went head-to-head on Love, Sex and Money, while Phil Kane and Bill Lewis looked at Love and Transformation), Jim and Baz kicked off the entertainment with a couple of numbers in their acoustic set. They backed up by CO Jones’ comedy turn, poetry from Bill Lewis, a stand up routine from Mat Wills and the evening was rounded off superbly by Didi Bergman.

If you missed this excellent night’s debate and entertainment, despair not! The Medway Mutineers return on 19th April @ The Good Intent to put Fashion On Trial. Watch out for details… and see you there!

Love On Trial – the programme

8.00      Speed debating (chaired by Philip Kane).

8.30     Music from Jim & Baz.

8.40     Love, sex and money (chaired by Tony Praill).

–         discussion introduced by Kevin Elam.

9.05     Comedy from CO Jones.

9.15     Poetry from Bill Lewis.

9.25     Love and transformation (chaired by Kevin Elam).

–         discussion introduced by Philip Kane & Bill Lewis.

9.50    Comedy from Mat Wills

10.00   Music from Didi Bergman.

Love On Trial is taking shape

As more people have promised contributions to Love On Trial, the programme for the evening is rapidly taking shape.  Joining comedian CO Jones we have, among others, Medway singer-songwriter Didi Bergman, and the internationally-known poet Bill Lewis.  We have the questions for a session of speed debating.  We have our speakers for and against love, and for the principle of Mad Love.  But we still have plenty of space for more speakers and more performers.  If you’d like a spot – and you don’t need to be a polished performer or a great orator, maybe you just want to read out a short poem or a couple of minutes to make us think – contact us asap.  We aim to have a final, definite timetable settled one week before the event, so that’s the deadline for offers to contribute.  Simply send us an email at, we’d love to hear from you.

Love On Trial

As we get used to being in a new year, I am happy to announce that Medway Mutiny is waking up from hibernation and has booked LOVE ON TRIAL to take place at the Good Intent pub, in John Street, Rochester, on Thursday 16th February.

The doors are now open for anyone and everyone to offer their contributions. So if you can read out loud, or sing, or play an instrument, or make us laugh about love, or have something you want to say about love, this is your chance. We are broadly in sympathy with the Occupy movement, and within those very broad terms we welcome the creative and the controversial.

We already have offers of stand-up comedy from CO Jones, an introduction to Mad Love, some poetry, and possibly a devil’s advocate to stir things up. Plus, of course, speed debating. Drop us a line asap at if you’d like to join the line up of performers and speakers (speakers get a 5 minute slot, we don’t want long dull speeches, we do want introductions to spark discussion!).

We’ll be holding an organising session from 8pm on Thursday 26th January, also at the Good Intent. Our organising sessions are open to anyone who’d like to be involved in the nuts and bolts of making these On Trial events happen, and hopefully will also become a launch pad for other events and activities (anyone for guerrilla gardening?), so all are welcome to come along and join in.

Let’s make it happen!

Welcome to Medway Mutiny

Medway Mutiny aims to present carnivalesque evenings providing a mixture of live entertainment and meaningful debates. We are a network of activists who have come together to create an exciting, safe space for discussion, critical theory and alternative media.

We want to change the world. We want to see an end to the carbon economy, to the global dominance of the American military complex and sweatshops abroad and call centres in the UK.  At the same time we want to spend an evening with friends, enjoying a drink and the spectacle of alternative films and documentaries, performances and poetry, comedy and art.

We have booked Poco Loco, in Chatham, for the first of our On Trial events.   Community On Trial takes place on Friday 11th November, from 7.30pm till late.  The intimate space will host live performances of comedy, poetry and music; as well as our invited speakers and and contributions from the audience.  We encourage participation and discussion.

We are completely open to new ideas.  So if you are a performer with talent and a message, drop us a line now.  If you are a gang of mates who want a good night out without being bombarded with naked women, football commentary or half-baked reactionary comedy you know where to come.  If you are an activist with a stack of flyers for an up-coming direct action bring them along.